pdf tutorial, micro series
Crochet level: intermediate and above.

The pattern contains 11 pages of instructional material accompanied by 75 photos.
Basic crochet skills are a prerequisite.
The pattern is available in English (US terms).
To crochet the panda toy, you will need:
• Gamma Cloud Embroidery floss, in colors White and Black, skein separated (stripped) into individual strands. (May be substituted with Adelia Kiss, which is identical with Cloud). May be substituted with thin sewing thread. The thinner the thread, the smaller the toy will turn out, and vice versa.
• Black sewing thread for nose and eyebrows.
• A small length of white sewing thread for the eyeballs.
• Rip-resistant thread for cinching. (I used sturdy sewing thread held double.)
• Crochet hook 0.5 mm [US Steel Crochet Hook Size 18].
• Glass toy eyes, diameter 2 mm. I buy these eyes on AliExpress. (What to do if eyes in this size are not available? You can either make your own from polymer clay and cover them with a glossy enamel finish, or use round seed beads.)
• Glue gel, "Moment" brand super glue.
• Thin sturdy needle for sewing parts together.
• Sharp nail scissors.
• Stuffing (polyester fiberfil), toothbrush with hard bristles.
• A toothpick or broken felting needle – used to insert stuffing.
• For blushing – black acrylic fabric paint and a thin brush.

The final size will depend on the yarn you use. To get the smallest size (35 mm [1.4 inch]), use embroidery thread.
This pattern is available for purchase for $7.5
About My Patterns
Hi there! While in all of my patterns, I explain in great detail how to make the specific toy featured in the pattern, my patterns are intended for crafters who already have at least basic experience in crocheting stuffed toys. The basics of crocheting are not explained in the patterns! If you have never before crocheted an amigurumi, but want to make one of my toys, I recommend that you first turn to YouTube videos to make yourself familiar with basic crocheting vocabulary and techniques commonly used in crocheted stuffed toys. Please pay attention to the crochet notation – my patterns are written in US notation.
After having prepared yourself in this manner, you can confidently return to one of my PDF tutorials and tackle it!

Unfortunately, at the moment, I don't yet have any beginner video tutorials available in my shop, although I do plan to offer those in the future.

Every one of my patterns contains a detailed list off all materials required for this specific toy. Please read it carefully so you have everything at hand before you begin.

For Micro Amigurumis, experience in working with small size steel crochet hooks is a required prerequisite. You can train by making your first toy in a thicker yarn weight with a hook of the appropriate larger size (it should go without saying that such a toy will turn out larger, and you will need more stuffing, and proportionally larger safety eyes), then gradually progressing to smaller and smaller toys, always using thinner yarn and a matching smaller hook. First, use hook size 1.5 mm (US steel hook 8), then, after that, 1 mm (US steel hook 11 or 12), followed by 0.75 mm (US steel hook 14), 0.6 mm, and only after having worked your way through all of these, finally the 0.5 mm size needed for the toys from the Micro series.

Thank you for your interest in my designs!