FREE Crochet pattern «little bug» by NansyOops
Hello! Do you love miniatures? Then I suggest you add these unique, iridescent little bugs to your collection! They crochet up super quickly, in just a couple of hours. Where can you use them: to adorn flowers on your windowsill, as decorations, or as companions for miniature dolls/toys.

Before you begin, I want to mention that you can crochet other equally cool insects using my detailed patterns. Check them out here.
Materials and Tools:
  • Metallic embroidery floss (e.g., DMC brand) for embroidery. Separate one strand from the skein. Thinner thread will result in a smaller toy, and vice versa.
  • Black sewing thread for crocheting the body and head.
  • Black beading wire, 0.3mm thick, for antennae
  • Black metal (copper-infused) wire, 0.5mm thick, for legs.
  • 0.5mm crochet hook.
  • Gel glue, super glue (link)
  • Fine, sturdy needle.
  • Small piece of paper.
  • Manicure scissors, round-nose pliers.
  • Polyester stuffing (polyfill).
  • Toothpick or a broken felting needle for stuffing.
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